Reluctant Cougar
Reluctant Cougar

Published December 30, 2015 by Sleeping Dragon Press

The very last thing Ashlee expected was to meet a hot, younger guy Nick, at her boyfriend's funeral. The tall, soft-spoken man comforted her with stories of her boyfriend since he studied under him. Grateful for Nick's help and the mutual connection they both shared with the deceased, they kept in contact.

Ashlee managed to ignore his hints for drinks and meetings, putting it down to politeness. He felt sorry for her. There was no way he could be interested in a woman at least a decade older than he was. That was until her work posse caught scent of the story and urged her to give the man a chance.

Ashlee knew she had to be the most reluctant cougar in the history of womankind, but what did she have to lose?
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