Pawsitively Smokin'
Pawsitively Smokin'

Published October 21, 2022 by Sleeping Dragon Press

A nose knows when something doesn't smell right, but capturing proof with a dog cam, adds a whole new layer of truth to the claims.

Private Investigator Nala and her crime-solving dog, Max, are in the hot seat when they stumble across the signs there's an arsonist in their midst, but authorities are reluctant to take the dog cam seriously. Nala must investigate further to uncover the arsonist's identity before he or she strikes again.

Unfortunately, Nala's investigation is hampered by an unwelcome roommate, a gun-toting opponent, and a dog fashion show. She needs a crystal ball to pull all the pieces together, but with all the chaos, the only thing she may get is a bullet with her name on it.

Can she find the arsonist and make it to the dog fashion show in time?
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