Love or Deception
He Loves Me Not

Published June 12, 2016 by Sleeping Dragon Press

Taciturn agent and provocateur Simpson from Love and Deception is back in a new romantic suspense, He Loves Me Not. Northern California doesn't turn out to be the easy-going spot he planned for his retirement from the spy game. Instead, he hooks up with his old special ops pal to hunt down land sharks among the unsuspecting locals.

Mina had a suspicion her marriage wasn't the best, but she never expected her husband wanted to kill her. A traumatic kidnapping by her volatile ex has Miranda seeking sanctuary in an abandoned lighthouse. Add a storm of the century, a sociopath, a web of lies, and water phobic Labrador and you have major problems.

Determination, a will to live, and a whole lot of luck might allow someone to come out alive.
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