Cub In Blue
Cub In Blue

Published January 3, 2016 by Sleeping Dragon Press

Deidre's matches from the misnamed Hot Singles dating website results in dates where middle-aged men complain about their lives in a family style restaurant. Deidre's part was to reassure them it wasn't so bad. No wonder her best friend, Lily, nicknamed them therapy dates. It was time for a change.

Call it an impulse move born of desperation, but she finally caves into Curt, a policeman who recently returned to duty after being shot in a sting operation, who wasn't taking no for an answer. Going out with a cop, fourteen years her junior, was an irrational thing to do her friend helpfully pointed out. Deidre was unsure how to handle her recovering hero, and her growing affection for the young alpha male.

The real question was would Deidre be able to overcome her doubts and peer pressure to live the life she always fantasized about having?
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